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 Sheet checker

A new type of shoei,the most popular type type of sheet checker,equipped with a CCD camera has recenfly been introduced.

 Sheet checker with CCD camera

A new type of Shoei, the most popular type of sheet checker, equipped with a CCD cameras (from both sides, top & bottom) has recently been introduced.

Conventional photo-sensors that adopt the shade comparison method have difficulty detecting shapes, but CCD cameras allow the detection or recognition of shapes by comparing Patterns.

This new system is very effective for the recognition of letters or symbols, etc., and operation is so easy - simply press the START button and the sheet checkers automatic searching function will search the marked position and start operation from the teaching mode through to the checking mode.


 Sheet checker with color CCD camera & Gluing inspection system
The reject gluing detection of an emulsion type was enabled by our company original technology development. Correspondence line glue and dot glue
Color CCD camera for top and tail side & Special LED flash Color CCD camera for fore-edge side / PC operation panel / Liquid crystal color monitor Correspondence (line glue / dot glue)

Normalcy Reject ( No glue) Reject ( Miss glue)

 Corner folded detector
Detect it with two lines of fiberscope sensors for both corner folded
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