SPT47s-2(Polypropylene film speck)+ Ultra sonic welding unit

Normal type

SPT47s-2(Polypropylene film speck)+ Ultra sonic welding unit

Integrated polypropylene material half fold and welding Simply perform plastic sleeve folding and welding processes by connecting to your current folder.

Handles A4 and B5 sizes (with A5 option). Belt tracker system prevents damage to material. Increase yield by combining the folder, welding device, and delivery stacker. Spot sensor and servomotor for accurate welding.

Product Details

Reverse type

Belt tracker feed conveyer

Welding horn and air cylinder stopper

Automatic ultrasonic welder unit

Floor Plan

Welder Specification

50/60Hz 1ph
SystemPLL auto frequency tracking system
Finish SizeA4, A5, B5

Ultrasonic welder characteristics

Stabilize your production
Stable production capability thanks to our exclusive, top-class electric circuitry (PLL oscillation control system).

Instantaneous welding
A standard welding time of approximately 1 second makes short production times a reality.
No damage or scratches on product
The surface of the product is never damaged, as welding and binding occurs only at the bonding point.

Heat is emitted only at the bonding point
Ultrasonic heat is emitted only at the bonding point between the welder and the material, so the product is not altered or deformed in any way.

Airtight welding capability
Depending on the product shape and tool horn, it is possible to perform completely airtight welding.

Uniform processing and finish
Because welding is performed mechanically under fixed conditions, all products are finished with uniform quality.

Quick start
No start-up time is needed. Once the switch is turned on, you can begin production immediately.

Advantages to using ultrasonic heat
Compared to typical heaters, ultrasonic heaters have lower costs due to their lower electricity consumption, can weld on printed surfaces, and do not require maintenance.