This original folder developed by SHOEI has the ability to take items output from a rotary press folder, including direct mail inserts, trade journals, local newspapers, center-bound pamphlets, and industry reports; and further fold them into sizes appropriate for delivery by post.
The folder pictured can process 8- and 16-page signatures from a rotary press into letter folds or double parallels folds by first half-folding them with the 1K knife unit (C) and preforming another fold with the Z knife unit (D).

Unit system folder with the ability to flexibly combine components


This is an easily attachable rotary feeder for refolding of web folds, stitched material or glued signatures.
Feeding by the independent and powerful drive pump is reliable and smooth.
※Non-folded, single page items cannot be fed into the machine

Product Details

Shuttle feederSmoothly Feed to all(Two-page,rotary press fold and pad for busi-ness form)

Bottom feederThe friction belt and pinch rollers reliably control the paper, allowing smooth infeed from the bottom of the pile stack for the following:
Material with different thicknesses in the front and tail ends such as top-glued copy paper and envelopes.
Refold of web folds, stitched or glued signatures.

Round feeder unitOn shoei continuous round pile feeder, stock is ventilated, piled side ways on top board and reversed on to the bottom board to get a non-stop running. With rear sheet separation, the infeed of broad sheets of full ink coverage or curly stock is secured. With front & side blast system, the perfect infeed of triple/quad-raple duplicate sheets, folded stock on web, stock with window, envelopes or small size format is obtained.


Cross knife folder

Cross knife (1K) unit

Cross knife folder

Processes into cross fold. Can deliver to the left oro to the right. (Edge trimmer is optional extra)

Product Details

Cross knife (KTT) unitAdds the buckle fold to the K unit. For cross letter or double parallel fold, etc.

Z knife unitRefolding signatures into left or right cover-leaf letter fold or double parallel. (Double knife used exclusively for the left or right is slso available.)

Reversible knife unit(Normal)For reversible cross fold. Can deliver to erther left or right.

Reversible knife unit(Reverse)For reversible cross fold. Can deliver to erther left or right.

KZ knife unitIf it attaches in usage's machine conventionally, 8P, 16P, 32P (double title) also folding easily.

Parallel knife Unit

Gate fold unit

Parallel knife Unit

Double gate fold knife unit (Half fold parallel knife unit for thick paper also available)

Being a unit, it can be moved and connected freely. It can be used in many ways and has excellent poerability. Anyone can easily set the gate folds by presicion knife folding.
※Parallel knife unit (the photo above) excusive for saddle stitched signatures and cardboard in also available.

Product Details

Double parallel knife unitFor the letter fold or double parallel of the top-glued duplicate or thick stock.

Parallel knife unitAlso possible to double fold for saddle stitching book and thick book.

Buckle Unit

To fold cross letter or double parallel, etc. using 4 buckle, knife and 2 buckle.

Product Details

Buckle 1K unit
(Cast iron side frame)
Cast metal frame model with 4 parallel buckles + right-angle half fold knife, which can also be specially ordered with a right and left double-sided delivery device.
※ Photo shows double-sided delivery setup.

(Cast iron side frame)
5 panel zigzag, triple parallel, etc. can be done with the parallel 4-buckle.

Buckle unit with pre-slitter shaft
(Cast iron side frame)
For the above function, it processes the edge trimming, scoring and tear-off perforation before folding.

Flap folder
(Cast iron side frame)
For flap of mailer.

Buckle 1K unit
(Steel plate frame)
Can process 8 page cross fold, etc. using parallel 4-buckle + cross knife. Reasonably priced model with parallel 4-buckle.

(Steel plate frame)
Compact 4-parallel-buckle model

Scoring C.P.S

By connecting this to the folding machine, saddle stitcher, round feeder, rotary feeder, etc., the edge trimming after bookbinding with glue or web refolding can be processed. In addition, the center cuts of thin saddle stitched signatures, etc., slitter, edge trim, tear-off perf, gutter-cut, etc. can also be done.

Product Details

Creaser edge trim
conveyor unit
Angular roller version
Can be jointed in cross or in tandem.

Mix creaser edge
trim conveyor unit
(With angular rollers & infeed lattice)For more scoring accuracy.

Conveyor Unit

Suitable for the joint of main folding unit, saddle stitcher with various units. Smooth transfer of in-line production is possible by flexible belts regardless of stock thickness.

Product Details

Transfer conveyor
600mm L version(option)
Suitable for the joint of main folding unit, saddle stitcher with various units. Smooth transfer of in-line production is possible by flexible belts regardless of stock thickness.

Delivery table with shifting conveyor
(A4~A1 size)
Clearly staggered delivery is easily obtained by the flex transport belts set apart on the conveyor.