Corner folding detector device

At SHOEI, we develop various machines in order to ensure our customers can adequately make and process their products. Our corner fold sensor is used to detect whether any corners on the paper have been bent, trigger errors upon detection, and prevent the output of defective products. It is an excellent device that makes use of mechanical optimization.

※ Note that errors may be triggered due to equipment speed, paper conditions, fluttering beneath the sensor, and setting values.


Paper size

Maximum size : depends on equipment size
Minimum size : at least 160 mm

Processing power

Equipment speed  : 0〜225m/min
Corner fold detection : Detects folds approx. 5 mm or more from the edge of the corner
※ May differ depending on equipment speed, fold, and sensor mode settings.

Detection methods

Three laser sensors—center (SE1), front (SE2), and back (SE3)—are installed on the equipment. The controller measures the time that the paper passes beneath the sensor and makes a judgement based on the difference between the passing time and the value set in the settings.
※SE1:Center sensor SE2:Front fold detection sensor SE3:Back fold detection sensor

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