SHOEI Craftsmanship At SHOEI, we are extremely proud of our outstanding technological strength. We work to improve our technological capabilities day in and day out in order to gain the trust and confidence of our customers. Everything we do is to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Let us show you how SHOEI Technology will allow you to reliably and precisely create your products.

Why choose SHOEI?

There is a reason why SHOEI is number one in folding machinery.


Even after over 20 years of use, many of our customers are still working with their SHOEI folders. Not only the frames, but our rollers have also demonstrated long durability, making SHOEI’s products some of the most trustworthy in the market.

Diverse product lineup

We a great variety of rollers and other features that are not available from other manufacture and we also have a diverse selection of parts available. This allows you to choose a product that is suitable for your particular type of work and available space without ending up with over-engineered equipment.

Years of experience as a specialized folding machine maker

Excellent folding work cannot be accomplished with just knowledge of folding principles and theory. At SHOEI, we have built up our practical folding skills through years of experience and solving problems again and again.

Accumulated know-how

We offer extensibility and scalability with our customizable folders (specializations made to the standard equipment) and wide variety of equipment types. Furthermore, human engineered, intuitive control panels and other innovations compounded with the strength of equipment itself make our folding machines extremely easy to use.

SHOEI-exclusive expertise

Our expertise has been built up by solving customer problems and addressing customer needs.

Developing solutions in united effort

When several problems and the need for improvements arise, we hold discussions across the company and develop solutions together. This allows each of our employees to continuously build their knowledge and creates a system in which the entire company—from the production factory to the design, after-sales services, and sales departments—is able to work together as a whole to resolve problems at any given moment.

Leading-edge versatility that never goes out of date

When it comes to the needs of our customers, we are able to offer customized folding machines, which is not possible with other manufacturers. Recently, needs and challenges often arise from changes in paper types, printing methods, and inks, but thanks to our large assortment of rollers and parts as well as our experienced and versatile after-sales service technicians, SHOEI is able to provide flexible support.

60 years of devotion to folder manufacturing

At SHOEI, we strive to be pioneers on the leading edge of the bound print media machine industry. Although we have accumulated long years of experience, we do not let ourselves get over-confident, working hard to ensure every employee improves their skills on a daily basis and continuing to undergo various inspections.
Everything we do is in effort to provide our customers with perfect solutions and services.

The unique SHOEI advantage you won’t find anywhere else

Through expertise and experience, SHOEI offers unique and unparalleled advantages.

Solutions tailored to the unit

Paper quality and printing methods are changing every day. We manufacture various kinds of equipment in order to ensure our customers can continue making and processing their products in a satisfactory way. From feeders to conveyors to folders, we are the only company that can offer so many tailored solutions.

Professional work honed to slash costs

We manufacture original equipment that focuses on improving on customer pain points. This boosts work performance and thus helps cut costs—a well-received benefit. At SHOEI, we pursue various possibilities from folding machines and beyond, catering to the needs of our customers.

SHOEI’s after-sale security, reliability, and strengths

After-sales services that you can be absolutely confident in

Unbeatable after-sales service

SHOEI's products are proven to be extremely durable, with many of our machines still in operation after 20 and even 30 years. Because our after-sales services and sales teams keep in contact with you after purchase, they are able to provide quick advice if trouble should arise. We are also able to provide stable quality and delivery times due to our integrated company structure in which all departments collaborate from design to production, to sales and after-sales service. We have sales agents in many countries, as well, who provide services with proven results.

Well-experienced personnel guarantee

At SHOEI, we make sure our after-sales service team is very well staffed. If a problem should occur, a well-experienced after-sales service professional will provide you with advice and support.

And lastly…
For those who are considering purchasing a SHOEI product

Since SHOEI's founding over 60 years ago, we have garnered the patronage of many customers, both in Japan and internationally, and our products now boast one of the highest markets shares in the paper folder industry. This achievement is proof of the high level of trust we have built among our customers.

We are extremely confident in the durability and folding precision of our products and our ability to stay on the cutting edge of the ever-diversifying field of print media processing. The first time you use a SHOEI product, you will notice the difference in quality.

Even after installation, we offer a full backup system that provides you with excellent support, letting you rest assured after your purchase. Alongside creating products that meet your needs, we also support you in other ways such as plans to help you boost production and ways in which you can cut costs.

With austerity, strength, and vigor, we will continue to push forward as Japan's top folding machine manufacturer.


Leading Company of Folder.SHOEI’s technological strength

As a specialized manufacturer, we have much pride in our products. We have poured our heart and soul into building the now well-established SHOEI brand and pursuing utmost customer satisfaction. We feel it is part of our mission to ensure a bright future for the paper processing industry and hope to drive toward such a future along with our customers.