Perfect handling of perforating and scoring!

Wide application from the thinnest stock, the stock with full carbon coverage up to the thick chip board. Perfect performance of micro-cut, timing perf, half depth slit, cross perf, score, cut, separate, fold and numbering is obtained.


Fully Automated Delivery Mechanism

Reverser delivery is effective for numbered stock and jogging device is essential for neat delivery. Delivery table is with casters so that it’ s easily rolled in and out.
Straight-out delivery is also possible for reversing numbered stock or to prevent leather covered or embossed thick stock from being cracked after scoring.


Perfect Scoring Device and Accurate Press-down Perf

Detachable slitter shafts ensures quick setup of top/bottom score with min. 1/4 gap. Normal perf, punch perf, slitter up to 20 different blades are adaptable.
Press-down perf and its counter roller (bottom) are of top-notch quality and high frequency hardened for long life.
Up to 50 perf holders are fitted with full variety of blade (about 25 different kinds) like normal perf, micro-cut, slitter and scorer.


Reliable Register Table

Lattice made of alminium minimizes static electricity and conveys solid carbon paper smoothly by less friction with sheets. It's also fully adjustable to any sheet size.


Double Sheet Detector

Supersonic wave mode ensures 2 sheets findings thick paper which impossible to dete.


Touch Panel Display Counter

This counter, the latest type intented for attachment to medium and large size folders, accurately counts sheets and can be reset with one touch of the reset key. It displays digits large enough to be easily readable and indicates folding speed per hour concurrently with counting.


Mininization of Loading Time

Bottom board is for pre-loading while the machine is running. This dual board method is standard on DELUXE type while COMPACT type has a single board which goes down at 3 times speed as its asending speed.


High Speed, No Trouble Infeed

The most relable and the best requted Shoei patented high power feeder mechanism never choose any paper quality like thinnest stock, solid carbon coverage, non-carbon or thick chip board paper. Urethane coted pull-out wheel ensures nontiming high speed infeed of any stock regardless of paper thickness, size or natural up/down curl.

Parallel perforator Compact type

Parallel perforator Compact type

A2(650×650mm) / B3(550×550mm)

This unit has a compact body that requires little space and can automatically accumulate processed paper to a special, movable mount via a jogger.

Micro perforator with timing perforation

Micro perforator with timing perforation

In addition to the conventional plated, induction-hardened press cylinder, a movable nylon-collared press cylinder is introduced. This makes it possible to perform timed micro perforation (special order).

Parallel perforator Deluxe type

※Hot-melt applicater with screen

Parallel perforator Deluxe type

A2(650×800mm) / B2(800×800mm) / A1(950×950mm)

Preloader system that can accept additional loads without stopping the feeder (2-level pile table).

Timing perforation

Air cylinder style timing perf holder

T/L shaped timing perf is possible with this computer-controlled device which has been conventionally done only by die-cutter, press or line perforator. The frequency of timing perf is maximized to 9 (relative value/same timing) or 9 actions (absolute value/random timing).

Product Details

controller just for Timing perforation

Parallel perforator plus Cross perforator

Parallel perforator plus Cross perforator

Parallel Cross Perforator

Cross perf (T shaped or L shaped) & timing perf is possible on this unit in one process. Re-infeed of perforated stock is no more needed procedure.

Palletized feeder Deluxe type

Palletized feeder Deluxe type

A2 (650 x 800mm) / B2(800 x 800mm)
A1(950 x 950mm)