Leading-edge paper processing machines with ultimate folding efficiencyLeading Company of Folder.

We make unbeatable machines.
We never compromise innovation.
We continue to create in order to achieve the highest satisfaction.

Pursuing utmost customer satisfaction through company-wide collaboration.For the Happiness of the Client.

In the true spirit of Japanese customer service, we believe the absolute most important goal is customer satisfaction as we constantly endeavor to understand our customers’ thoughts, problems, wants, and needs.

Japan’s bestselling folders
The pride of a specialized manufacture
Best Selling Folder of Japan.

We are a world-class paper processing machinery maker that keeps on the cutting edge while committing ourselves to our customers.
We strive to continue as successful and customer-centric company far into the future.


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SHOEI Craftsmanship
At SHOEI, we are extremely proud of our outstanding technological strength. We work to improve our technological capabilities day in and day out in order to gain the trust and confidence of our customers. Everything we do is to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Let us show you how SHOEI Technology will allow you to reliably and precisely create your products.

Computer-automated folding systems Computer-automated folding systems
Once you try SHOEI’s products, we are confident you will notice the difference in ease-of-use.
Our new fully computerized folding machine was designed to be absolutely simple to operate. It is equipped with multifunctional software that is easy for even inexperienced users to operate; human-engineered, intuitive control panels; and a roller pressure system that allows pressure to be set to micron precision.
Roller Roller
Our durable rollers that have a reputation for long years of use—a demonstration of SHOEI's product strength.
We have a diverse variety of roller types (8 in total).
We offer exclusive types developed with SHOEI technology, including our urethane roller series optimized for high quality paper and coated art paper, our ceramic roller series for thin and easy-to-slip paper, and our low-friction urethane foam series produced with special urethane material.
Corner fold sensor Corner fold sensor
At SHOEI, we develop various machines in order to ensure our customers can adequately make and process their products.
Our corner fold sensor is used to detect whether any corners on the paper have been bent, trigger errors upon detection, and prevent the output of defective products.
It is an excellent device that makes use of mechanical optimization.

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