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Computerized Automatic Folder
Computerized Automatic Folder
Glue Binding System
Accumulation Glue and Stitch System
Compact sized Three-Knife Trimmer
16page signature book binding
Double folder Gluing System
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Compact Series
All Buckle
Combination Series
Signature Folder
Miniture Folder
Mailer System
Sheet Feeder
Unit System
Vertical Press Stacker
Flat Press Delivery
Original Feeders
Welding system
SHOEI Trimmer
Sheet Checker
Chip Clearing Unit
About Products
 Welcome to SHOEI

As a specialized manufacturer of paper folding machines, our company has constantly offered techniques that meet the ever-changing needs of the market, and as a result we have enjoyed a high reputation both in Japan and around the world.
This reputation is entirely attributed to the patronage our valued customers have shown to us, and we would like to therefore take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you. Our constant pursuit to achieve the latest and most advanced technology comes from our daily efforts to meet the diverse needs of our customers regarding product content, aftercare and service, and the actual processes used to deliver such.
While keeping the satisfaction of our customers as the paramount priority number one, we conduct our business operations in a way that encompasses all areas, such as engineering development, manufacturing, sales promotion, and after-sales service, plus more.
Through such, we are able to offer the latest and most original technology that meets the practical needs of our users.
This is done with a constant focus on speed, safety, and energy conservation, not to mention multifunction, miniaturization, convenience, market-developing effects, and computerization etc. as we head further into the 21st century.
By drawing upon our long years of experience, our abundant know-how, and excellent technological capabilities, we eagerly look forward to serving your needs in the coming future.

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