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Computerized Automatic Folder
Computerized Automatic Folder
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 Computerized Automatic Folder

Each measurement is automatically taken in seconds to minimize set-up time. This given an extreme rise in folding productivity with no time loss, and quickly adapts Shoei folders for short-run jobs and for jobs with diversified operations, ensuring non-stop running, Shoei computerized auto-set device greatly contributes to the efficiency rise of Shoei folders, being multi-functional, high speed and labor saving.

 Computer-assisted folding machine

This computer-controlled system can be installed into any Shoei folder regardless of the number of the fold plates or the size of the machine.

There is no troublesome keyboard-just a touch-monitor screen. Even an inexperienced operator can manage the computer assisted setting with no mistakes. Once set, the data is stored in the computer memory so the setting is duplicated in seconds.

The new type of fold plate allows the stopper to be used as the deflector, no need to switch the heavy plate with the deflector. The size setting is clearly displayed on the monitor.

The operating procedure is shown on screen step by step. Select and touch the necessary points for measurement setting from the items appearing in below photos. The initial set-up is completed automatically in seconds. No manual setting or changeover is required with this computer assisted auto-set device.

 Operation panel


 Auto Setting Positions


Suction head

Register table



Operation Box and Sheet thickness sensor

Fold plate
(One piece type sheet stop/deflector)

Knife fold

 FA-II Line-up

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