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 Flat Press Delivery
Improved efficiencyof the folding procrss cannot be achieved just by in creasing the folding speed.
It can beattained only when wasteful hand jogging is eliminated.
You cannot imagine future folding work without the Press Stocker which promises to substantially improve efficiency. The machine has demonstrated 30% increased efficiency for arerage folding and two to three times for multiple or cardboard folding.
 Flat Press Delivery A4-A2

Batch counting is possible by kicker without any interruption of infeed.
With clearly readable digital counter.
2 up version with dual kicker is available as optional extra.

Unit size(Lmm x Wmm) 1,250 x 850(A4)

 Flat Double Press Delivery A4-A1

Dual press roll gives primary light pressure and secondary real tight pressure to folds. No creases produced or no additional space required.
Easily accessible to any SEOEI with electric motor assisted lifter.
2 to 3 up version with dual or triple kicker is available as optional extra.

Unit size(Lmm x Wmm) 1,100 x 685(A4)

 Flat Quad Press Delivery A4-A1
Strong Pressure is obtained by 4press rolls in one row.Suitable for pressure-seal post cards.
Unit size(Lmm x Wmm) 1,340x 685
Press roller Adjuster
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