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 Miniture Folder

SM series for general catalogue folding up to B3 and miniature phamaceutical work.

44KTT(A2)/40KTT(B3)5pocket on 7pocket with 30mm fold roll.
36KTT(B3)/26KTT(B4) 7pocket with 25mm fold roll.


B3 Size2 directional fold
Multi-functional folder for medium to mini format
Min. fold size down to 20mm.
Parallel 7 pocket machine (7KTT) also available.
Closed gate fold (20mm to 100mm) by optional fold plate.
Two pockets by the knife for right angle parallel fold.
Vertical stacking for each delivery position and kicker is standard for batch counting, causing no interruption to continuous infeed.
6 panel zigzag folding is possible and is followed by standard slitting device.
Optional 15 pocket zigzag folder is available.

40KTT/26K B3 type
40KTT/26K(5or7pocket version)


B3 Size2 directional fold
7pocket machine available for both 1 st and 2 nd unit.
Closed gate fold (30mm to 160mm) by optional fold plate.
Two pockets by the knife for right angle parallel fold.
Kicker for batch counting fitted on each clelivery section to preventany interruption to continuous in feed.

Cost conscious Mini folder with ever so easy operation.
 Mini Zigzag Folder

“SM44-15 (A2) / SM40-15 (B3) 15 pockets with 30mm diameter fold roll,
Up to the 11 pockets “High precision 15 zigzag and 7 roll folding are possible.

SM44-15 / 2MTB26-4 with small folded stacker
 SM40-7KTT with Web feeder
Rotary cutter accurately separates web into sheets by detecting cut-mark printed on stock and rapidly infeeds them on to register table and to folding section. Especially for thin stock, this device efficiently eliminates check-up time (which is normally needed on flat pile feeder) for mixture of wrong stock, insufficient ink coverage, dog ear, curling problem and mispiling (upside down / back to front). Once web is set on this roll feeder, folding rationalization is anticipated and total merit in job process & quality is obtained.

26 / B4 type (7 pockets) 25 mm diameter fold roll

Multi roll fold or zigzag folding with min. 20mm length is possible on this 7 pocket folder. Its KTT section providers the possibility of right letter fold, double parallel and z fold.

 Cross fold knife unit with KTT unit
KTT unit, cross fold knife with opposing pockets is also available. (Folded into min. 30mm to max. B5)
 Parallel fold knife unit
Folded into min. 45mm to max. 110mm. Close gate folding also possible (need attachment)
 Miniature vertical press stacker

Min. height 45mm is pressed, stacked and counted by kicker.
Infeed conveyor and press roll sections use dual tape method which positively transport folds with no jam or stop.
To be rolled - up to
any SHOEI SM (mini/pharmaceutical) series.

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