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 Compact Series

Space saving,wide folding variation,and easy oparation


Ultra high speed parallel folder

Min. space required and reasonably priced.

Smooth feed by high speed rear sheet Separator.


Ultra high Speed cross folder

Min. power consumption for easy operation.

High speed cross fold by well-proven electric knife.

Parallel folder
Compact as,can handle final A4sized closed gate fold

Parallel & 8 page folding

Low profile 8 page folder for easy operation.
High speed parallel & cross folding by well-proven sheet separator & high speed knife.
B2 trimmed format loaded, A4 closed gate fold possible by optional gate fold plate.

 SPT56s-4KTT&6KTT/ stretched size

Double pocket under 8 page knife
Two pockets under the knife for directional parallel folding.
Low profile for easy access
MAX560x850mm format loading & A4 closed gate fold, possible by standard extended feed board(gate fold plate is optional).


Versatility from zigzag to cross closed gate fold
9 panel concertina fold in tandem use.
Low profile for easy access.

Versatility from zigzag to cross closed gate fold
9 panel concertina fold in tandem use.
Low profile for easy access.
16page folder
 SRT56s-4KTT(Round Feeder)
Suitable for smooth feeding of folds done on web,glue triplicate or guadrup licate document,stock with window,curly sheets with full ink coverage and poraus stock.
Sheet advance and suction timing are accurately controlled by photcell and rear sheet sparator is a "must" item for full width long run job.
Two opposing side pocketfor clirectional parallel fold.
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