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 Sheet Feeder 56 + Inkjet + Drier Conveyor + Delivery Unit

Feed by Sheet feeder machine then position fix by conveyor portion and perfect feeding by vacuum belt conveyor thence inkjet print processing done, thereafter dry process are made by the dryer conveyor.

Each manufacturer correspondence
(For example picture is Kodak Versamark 6300)
Wide vacuum belt conveyor possible use to depending on a use. Far infrared rays for aqueous inkjet printer (Long type)

 Sheet Feeder 56 with Enclosure Unit
  + Inkjet Printing System + Labeling Machine

Feed by sheet feeder, position fix on conveyor portion and made perfect convey on the vacuum belt conveyor portion thence sheet tipping for card, folded sheet, name card goods sample by inserter unit, thence pre-adhesive, inkjet printing, labeling quality inspection by CCD camera, data writing in IC tug and attaching every other processing equipment thereby realizing whole processing sheet feeding integrated machine.

Inkjet Printer


Labeling machine

 Various units possible attach A1/ B1 pre-pile, too

82 cm wide pre-pile attached

Short conveyor with Shuttle Feeder

with Shuttle Feeder

with Bottom Feeder

with Rotary Feeder

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