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Most versatile, space-saving, operator friendly and reasonably priced All Buckle Folder with cross fold knife for all sorts of folding including gate fold, cross gate fold, zigzag or multi roll fold.


Parallel unit
Basic folders are available with 4 buckles as standard type, and with 6 or 8 buckles as optional. They are used for parallel catalogue folds and multi-up folds with slitting. They can be converted to a cross folding machine when combined with additional cross fold units.

 SPT66-4/4(47-112 size)

6 or 8 pocket as optional extra.
Parallel or multi-parallel with slitters.Right angle folding unit for further directional job.





Catalogue, direct mail insert, parallel or right angle closed gate and zigzag.
Wide coverage of folding variety.
KTT mechanism
To avoid spacious 3 directional buckle units, Shoei introduced buckle unit followed by its right angle knife with opposing side pockets underneath. Installation of reversing fold plate prior to this knife gives wide range of folding possibilities regardless of "cover" leaf position.
4K model with no pocket under the knife is also available.
Depicted vertical press stacker/knife safety cover/pallet lifting table are optional extras.
Gate fold plate is optional for parallel or right angle closed gate fold.

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