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About Products
 Original Feeders

We are preparing the various original feeders. Whichever Japan and foreign country of various furthermore the preeminent performance is demonstrated. Therefore please select it in accordance with your work.

 Pre loader
Pre loading system can minimize down-time as bottom pile is stacked when upper pile is being feed to the folding section.
 Flat Pile Feeder

Single board

Shoei single flat pile board is of compact size yet offers big capacity and is easy to handle, operator friendly.
Descending pace is as double as its elevating speed, which makes the down-time minimum during re-loading.

 Mini Type Feeder

Sizes > 44 x 65cm 40 x 55cm 26 x 40cm From miniature sized to standard sized stock,
Rear sheet separator (Max.44 x 65cmMin.10 x 11cm) or front sheet separator (Min.5 x 10cm) can secure perfect infeed.

 Round Feeder

On Shoei continuous round pile feeder, stock is ventilated, piled sideways on top board and reversed on to the bottom board to get a nonstop running.
With rear sheet separation, the infeed of broad sheets of full ink coverage or curly stock is secured.
With front & side blast system, the perfect infeed of triple/quadruple duplicate sheets, folded stock on web, stock with window, envelopes or small size format is obtained.

 Nonstop Feeder
Perfect infeed of full size formatis secured by positive sheet separation by means of double pull-out vavuum wheel.。
 Pallet Feeder
Pallet feeder is another version of nonstop feeder without pre-loading function. Combe used for manual piling or direct set-in of the pile on pallet.
 Rotary Feeder
This is an easily attachable rotary feeder for refolding of web folds,stitched material or glued signatures.
Feeding by the independent and powerful drive pump is reliable and smooth.

 Machine size (Lmm x Wmm x Hmm)
  843 x 845 x 1,630
 Weight  250Kg
 Electric capacity  1.2KW
 Bottom Feeder
Max sheet size 36x30cm
The friction belts and pinch rolls reliaby control the paper,allowing smooth infeed from the bottom of the pile stack for the following
Job with different thicknesses in front and tail eclges such as top-glued duplicates,envelopes,and refolding of web folds,sttched or glued signatures.
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