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 Unit System
For refold after web folding. Which is increasingly demanded these days.
 Rotary feeder + Creaser unit + Knife unit + Z Knife unit
  + Reversal  double press stacker

A: Rotary feeder

B: Edge trimming or scoring unit

C: Cross knife unit

D: Z knife unit

E: Reversal double press stacker


It multi-folds web-folded material into direct mail inserts, trade journals, local newsletters, stitched pamphlets, annual reports, ete. down to mailable size.
The signature feeder and creaser unit with 2 knife units depicted are best suited for refolding web 8-page & 16-page signatures.
The edge trimming device under the knife folding section and roll-up creaser unit simplifies the process as it can cut off three edges while folding

 Rotary Feeder

This is an easily attachable rotary feeder for refolding of web folds,stitched material or glued signatures.
Feeding by the independent and powerful drive pump is reliable and smooth.

Machine size (Lmm x Wmm x Hmm)
 843 x 845 x 1,630
Weight 250Kg
Electric capacity 1.2KW

with Creaser unit+Z knife unit+Reversal double press stacker
 Bottom Feeder

size 36x30cm
The friction belts and pinch rolls reliaby control the paper,allowing smooth infeed from the bottom of the pile stack for the following job with different thicknesses in front and tail eclges such as top-glued duplicates,envelopes,and refolding of web folds,sttched or glued signatures.

join to Single pile

Join to Double pile

 Round Feeder Unit
On Shoei continuous round pile feeder,stock is ventilated,piled side ways on top board and reversed on to the bottom board to get a nonstop running.
With rear sheet separation, the infeed sheets of full ink coverage or curly stock is secured.With front&side blast system,the perfect infeed of triple/quadraple duplicate sheets,folded stock on web,stock with windouw,envelopes or small size format is obtained.
 Creaser Edge Trim Conveyor Unit
By connecting this to the folding machine,saddle stitcher,round feeder,rotary feeder,etc.,the sdge trimming after bookbindeing with glue or web refolding can be processed.
In addition,the center cuts of thin saddle stitched signatures,etc.,slitter,edge trim,tear-off perf,gutter-cut,etc.can also be done.
 Creaser Edge Trim Conveyor Unit Angular Roll Version
Can be jointed in cross or in tandem.
 Mix Creaser Edge Trim Conveyor Unit
With angular rolls & infeed lattice. For more scoring, slitting accuracy.
 Cross Knife(K or KTT) Unit
K: Processes into cross fold. Can deliver to the left or to the right.(Edge trimmer is optional extra.)
KTT: Adds the buckle fold to the above function. For cross letter or double parallel fold, etc.
  Machine size (Lmm x Wmm x Hmm)
    765 x 920 x 705 - 1,005
  Weight 350Kg
  Electric capacity 0.4Kw
 Reversible Knife Unit
For reversible cross fold.Can deliver to either left or right.  
 Z Knife Unit
Refolding signatures into left or right cover-leaf letter fold or double parallel.(Double Knife used exclusively for the left or right is also available.)
  Machine size (Lmm x Wmm x Hmm)
   700 x 1,170 x 1,036 - 1,316
  Weight 550Kg
  Electric capacity 0.4Kw
 KZ Knife Unit
It can possess the 8P and 16P delivery side on the opposite side as well.
 Joint Knife Unit
It possible to sheet feed from both sides of the machine then put it on top of one another and cross fold.
 Gate Fold Unit

Being a unit, it can be moved and connected freely. It can be used in many ways and has excellent operability.
Anyone can easily set the gate folds by precision knife folding.
*Parallel Knife Unit exclusive for saddle stitched signatures and cardboard is also available.

  Machine size (Lmm x Wmm x Hmm)
   890 x 765 x 745 - 1,245
  Weight 320Kg
  Electric capacity 0.2Kw

SPT56s-4+Gate fold unit
(Gate fold)
After parallel folding when it folds one more parallel folding.
 Parallel Knife Unit
After parallel folding when it folds one more parallel folding.
 Duble Parallel Knife Unit
For the letter fold or double parallel of the top -glued cluplicate or thick stock .
Rotaly feeder+Double parallel kinife unit+FPSA4
 Buckle KTT Unit
1. Buckle KTT Unit

1: To fold cross letter or double parallel,
etc. using 4-pockets,knife and 2KT pockets.


2: 5-panel zigzag,triple parallel,etc.conbedone with
the parallel 4-buckle.


3: For the above function,if prosess the edge trimming,scoring and tear-off performation.
2. Buckle Unit
3. Buckle Unit With Eith Pre-Slitter Shaft
4. Flap Folder
 Buckle Unit With Steel Plate Frames
5. Buckle 1K Unit(56)
6. Buckle Unit (56)
 Can process 8page cross fold,etc using parallel
4-buckle+cross knife

 Reasonably rriced model eith parallel 4-buckle.

 Transfer Conveyor
Suitable for the joint of main folding unit,saddle stitcher with various units.Smooth transfer of in-line production is possible by flexible belts regardless of stock thinckness.

300L mm Version

400L mm Version

600L mm Version
 Shifting Conveyor Unit A2 to A1
Clearly staggered with shifting delivery is easily obtained by the flex transport belts set apart on the conveyor.
 Reversible Conveyor
 It reverse a sheet 180 degrees.


 Stitching Unit
Stitching Unit

Easy saddle stitching is enabled in in-line

SPK56-4KTT with Cover feeder + Stitching unit + Reversible knife + Trimmer
 Air Opener Unit
 Air opener unit is transport it while letting sheet
 open and close and fix bottom of the sheet with a vacuum belt.
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