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 Vertical Press Sracker
Improved efficiencyof the folding process cannot be achieved just by increasing the folding speed.
It can beattained only when wasteful hand jogging is eliminated.
You cannot imagine future folding work without the Press Stocker which promises to substantially improve efficiency. The machine has demonstrated 30% increased efficiency for average folding and two to three times for multiple or cardboard folding.
 New Vertical Press Sracker

For easy operation and carefree folding,this is the newest press stacker combining the advantage of paper jogging(stacking) - a merit of traditional vertical press stackers, with convenience - a merit of flat press deliveries. With more functions than existing stackers, yet so economically priced and definitively labour saving delivery system even made.

 Vertical Press Sracker(VPS)A4-A2

During the operation of the Vertical Press Stacker, you don't have to suspend operation even when you have something else to do. When the support plate reaches the terminal, the infeed stops automatically and starts again when the stack is removed.
A kicker is mounted as a standard component, so the batch counting is available without interrupting the infeed.
Max. stack height : 240mm
Suitable to relatively well-bodied signatures and rather thick folds.

Unit size(Lmm x Wmm) 1,630 x 800(A4)
Power(200V/3ph) 0.4Kw
Weight(Approx.Kg) 300Kg

 Reversal Double Press Stacker A4-A2

Dual press roll gives primary light pressure and secondary real tight pressure to folds. No creases produced or no additional space required.
Folds reversed & stacked for easy check over spine mark and proper folding.
Easily accessible to any SHOEI with electric motor-assisted lifter.
Max. stack height : 150mm

Unit size(Lmm x Wmm) 1,610 x 675(A4)
Power(200V/3ph) 0.4Kw
Weight(Approx.Kg) 300Kg

 Miniature vertical press stacker
Min. height 45mm is pressed, stacked and counted by kicker.
Infeed conveyor and press roll sections use dual tape method which positively transport folds with no jam or stop.
To be rolled - up to any SHOEI SM (mini/pharmaceutical) series.
 Seni-Automatic Bundler For Vertical Press Stacker(VPSM)

A4-A2 saize
350-400 16page signatures can be automatically pressed&pundled in one log by heat-seal tape.


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